Looking back on more than 100 years of tradition

Ein Rückblick auf mehr als 100 Jahre Tradition

Gies Kerzen is one of Europe's biggest candle manufacturers. 


Adam Joseph Gies founds „Wachsindustrie Fulda Adam Gies“ (Adam Gies Fulda Wax Works), laying the foundations for a company that today is one of the leading candle producers.  

Ein Rückblick auf mehr als 100 Jahre Tradition


Expansion: a subsidiary factory named "Gebrüder Gies“ (Gies Brothers) is established in Bergedorf near Hamburg.


As the Bergedorf factory has become too small. Gies Brothers move to new premises in nearby Glinde.

Ein Rückblick auf mehr als 100 Jahre Tradition


A year of great changes. Flensburg-based spirits distillery "Hermann G. Dethleffsen“ takes over the Glinde company. It also acquires the Danish candle factory ASP-Holmblad, established in 1777, and integrates it as a sales company for Scandinavia into "Gebrüder Gies GmbH & Co. KG" (Gies Brothers Co Ltd).


Ein Rückblick auf mehr als 100 Jahre Tradition

Dethleffsen also buys Wachsindustrie Fulda Adam Gies. The candle division now operates under the name of  "Gies Kerzen Adam Gies GmbH & Co., Glinde und Fulda“.

1985 to 1989

Swedish group "Skane Gripen“ from Malmö is interested in forming a strong candle collaboration. Swiss company "Becker Kerzen“ and Gies Kerzen merge into the Gies Group. Production is shifted to the modern factory in Glinde, and the Glinde site is expanded.


"Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB“ , founded 156 years ago and based in Swedish Oskarshamn, joins the Group.


The Gies Group now consists of five modern European production units. Led by the new parent company "Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB“ the Group goes public at the Swedish stock exchange.


Gies Group joins the "Blyth Group“, a corporation listed on the American stock exchange. 


The newly established  ALG Holding A.B., based in Malmö, Sweden, takes over the Gies Group from Blyth.


Gies Kerzen is in an optimal position for future growth. As a trusted and reliable trade partner, Gies professionally manages and extends its range of brand and private label products.


111th anniversary of Gies Kerzen


Long-term safeguarding of ALG Holding AB by relocating machines from Glinde to Portugal and Sweden to strengthen the production facilities there.
The core business with sales and marketing will remain at the Glinde site. The usual good service for our customers is continuously improved.