More than a source of light...

Mehr als nur ein Licht ...Mehr als nur ein Licht…


Candles are fascinating. Allow yourself to become immersed in our sea of lights. We offer a wide range of candles for home decoration and comfort.

GIES – candle variety from one source 

Our range holds candles in classic shapes and colours, completed by beautiful accessories. Romantic moments, children's birthday parties or quiet evenings at home, Gies provides suitable candles for each occasion.

Dufti by Gies – scented highlights create comfort and a unique ambience

An assortment featuring the most popular scents and products to create a pleasant ambience. In compliance with the Dufti by Gies quality standards all candles in this range permitt a sensual scent experience.


Seasonal Trends – Spring, summer, autumn and winter each have their own special charm - and we have the perfect candles for every season

Brightly coloured or solemnly elegant – our assortments illuminate each season.