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Highlights for Each Day

Looking for elegant taper candles for a festive tabletop arrangement, colourful torches for a garden party or a shiny pillar candle for your Christmas decoration? Under our Gies family brand we offer a great variety of candles for each occasion. Next to classics such as tea lights, pillars and dinner candles, floating candles and birthday candles complement the range.

Matching accessories set the stage for candles in all shapes and sizes. Gies DoppelregalGlass holders for tea lights and maxi lights, coasters for pillars, adhesive wax candle grips and fitting collars facilitate the safe use of our candles.

Our range also features stearin candles. These, unlike conventional wax candles, are made from purely vegetable, renewable raw materials. Stearin candles have become increasingly popular for their classy marble-like surface structure and their tall, bright flame.

Solid colours and soot-less, no-drip burning behaviour further add to the uniqueness of stearin candles.

Another highlight in our product line are solid-coloured Rusticolor pillars and dinner candles with their distinctive textured surface.

Attractive scented candles for daily use complete the Gies product range.